9 Ridiculous Rules About Optima Tax Relief

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Tax Resolution Services.

Many small business owners and self-employed individuals are struggling with tax issues and need an experienced staff to help resolve their tax issues. Polston Tax is one of the very few top-rated tax resolution companies that is completely equipped to help solve your tax issues.

You can appeal an IRS decision should you feel that your rights have been violated. Our staff at Polston Tax resolution service has tax lawyers that can help you with the appeal procedure.

If you’re facing a tax audit, Polston Tax resolution can act as your representative in the audit, fight for your rights, then make sure all proper expenses are included, and ensure you’re treated fairly.

The IRS has the power to seize the cash directly out of your bank accounts. Polston Tax resolution professionals will help prevent and discharge these levies to help protect your cash.

If your present or former partner failed to cover IRS tax debt, then Polston Tax resolution services may help you seek out partial or complete relief from these tax debts.

Installment agreements are a resolution choice for taxpayers that could ‘t make a large payment at the moment. A Polston Tax resolution attorney can help negotiate a fair installment agreement between you and the IRS.

A Polston Tax settlement specialist can provide taxpayers with specific information regarding their own IRS account standing, for example, total owed, interest and penalties, and more.

Not able to offer your property or get a loan because of an IRS or state tax lien? Polston’s tax resolution professionals can help you secure a lien discharge.

Polston Tax can help you learn which IRS tax resolution you are eligible for.

The IRS will require aggressive measures to accumulate on payroll taxes. Polston Tax is one of the very best tax resolution companies for coping with these types of issues and we can act as your representative.

In case you’ve got overdue taxes, the IRS can assess interest and penalties along with what you owe. Polston Tax may work to get those penalties reduced or eliminated.

When the IRS assigns your tax debt to a Revenue Officer, they will aggressively attempt to accumulate on the tax debt you owe. Polston Tax will negotiate with the Revenue Officer in your behalf and reach a realistic tax resolution.

Looking for tax resolution services?

Your companies ‘ fiscal health requires a solid accounting framework to protect it, protect you, and attain development. As one of the leading tax & bookkeeping companies, Polston Tax provides a broad assortment of services tailored for your unique needs and goals. This includes bookkeeping & accounting services, tax preparation, and financial advisory & preparation services.

Polston Tax’s accountants will provide consistently accurate monthly bookkeeping, sales and payroll tax reports and help track financial transactions for your small business.

No matter if you’re a company or an individual, our experienced CPAs and tax preparers may lower your tax obligation or optimize your tax refund by preparing your tax return.

Most businesses pay a lot of taxes. Our tax strategists ensure that your company is appropriately structured to improve company profits and maximize tax deductions.

It’s essential to have knowledgeable accountants that will keep your business’ finances well organized and in accordance with regulations. Our knowledgeable accountants will help keep your company operating smoothly by taking over your business’s bookkeeping.

The highly regulated cannabis sector is subject to complex accounting and tax legislation. Our cannabis CPAs can design bookkeeping services and programs to satisfy your business’s special needs.

Business owners and individuals who had their tax debt resolved by Polston Tax in the previous year.

Of combined tax resolution experience.

"That which I’ve discovered working with different CPA’s over the years is when they don’t really understand your business model, then you’re probably paying a lot in taxes. This is precisely why I urge Polston since they will appear under the hood of your company and employ effective tax reduction plans tailored for your vertical. Tax laws are constantly shifting, so I find it crucial to have strong accounting expertise in your own corner. "

We had an extremely complicated case because we owned irs our own company and there was a problem with what was private income and what was company income. It was a great relief with Polston represent us and it was evident at the start how experienced they had been. Every single person we dealt with was knowledgeable about our case and was very professional and personable. They saved us tens of thousands of dollars. "

Polston Tax is highly experienced in end-to-end tax services for small to mid-sized businesses. Our team of over 100 bookkeeping, and legal professionals are highly experienced in developing tailored solutions for each client’s unique tax issues.

We are passionate about finding you the best tax remedy & Developing a comprehensive plan through:

A thorough onboarding process to identify your goals and objectives. Consultations to decide the best, most economical & convenient resolution for your situation. Aggressive negotiation of a payment program or lump sum settlement with the IRS. Advanced tax preparation and bookkeeping solutions to mitigate potential tax issues.

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